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A free spider solitaire game

Free Spider Solitaire is a free downloadable game that lets you play spider solitaire on your computer or laptop. The rules are easy to learn but will take some time to master as no two games are the same. However, once you play a while in this clunky interface, you’ll find that the game is extremely repetitive.

Another round of solitaire

Free Spider Solitaire is a classic card game that’s been made available for computers, mobile devices, and many other platforms over the years. This application is one of many similar items available to download and play without costing you anything.

The application has not been updated in any major way for a long time as the game itself is unchanging. This ensures that Spider Solitaire can always be enjoyed regardless of which version of Windows you are currently running.

The software does not use many resources as it does not have a fancy interface or top of the line graphics. However, the graphics are still smooth and won’t distract you from the simple yet thought-provoking game.

Spider solitaire

The game of Spider Solitaire has been a Windows computer staple since Microsoft originally included a version of it in their operating system. The goal of the application is to clear the virtual table of all the cards set upon it. Cards are then moved from one pillar to the next, creating an ascending order from ace to the king before they are removed.

Test yourself

The interface of Free Spider Solitaire has features that allow you to test yourself and see how quickly you can complete a game or try to lower the number of moves you make while playing. This provides a much-needed challenge to the title that will keep you playing during your free time as you attempt to play better than the last game.

The interface has a clock, score counter, move counter, and a percentage meter that shows how far along your game has progressed. This allows you to easily time yourself as you attempt to break your previous record. There is no progression or achievements to earn by doing this.

Customize background

In Free Spider Solitaire you can change the background of the table you’re playing on in a few clicks. This doesn’t change anything in the game but allows you to change how each round feels from serious to light-hearted.

Customize card backs

You can also adjust the card backs to different colors, further changing how the simple game of solitaire looks on your computer screen. This also makes the software feel more personal as the color scheme of the cards fit your taste better than the default setting.

Kill time

As the game of solitaire is simple and easy to play as there are no complex rules for you to learn. This makes the program a great choice for when you have a few minutes to spare and have nothing else to do, as playing it well help the time pass by. You can even play Spider Solitaire online for free on your mobile device


The game of Spider Solitaire is fun, but once you play too much of it, you can quickly find that the title will become boring and repetitive. While no two games may be the same, the process of sorting cards from lowest to highest in each pillar as you clear the board does not change. The only way to add some difficulty to the game is to set a timer or move counter.

Not the real thing

Solitaire is a card game and was originally played with real cards. By playing the computer game, you lose the sense of picking up and placing each card, which offers its own appeal.

Outdated interface

The application uses an old and outdated interface that resembles the common Windows display you’d see on older versions of the OS. This can be unappealing to look at but will not hinder your experiences while playing the game or attempting to beat your previous time.

Brain trainer

Solitaire is a logic-based game, which means that it is a great way to exercise your brain and it’s the ability to match up the numbers needed to complete pillars. This differs from the benefit of playing alternatives such as Chess or Minesweeper as they involve either a need for strategy or a bit of luck when you can no longer predict where to click.


If Free Spider Solitaire isn’t your preferred game of logic and thought there many great alternatives to download and play.

Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10 is a fun way to enjoy mahjong on your computer. It’s orientated at solo play and can provide plenty of puzzling entertainment.

Microsoft Minesweeper for Windows 10 is another brainy classic that has a sizable minefield full of numbers and bombs ready for you to uncover.

Chess Free! brings the well-known game of logic to your computer. There are no distractions, allowing you to focus on strategy and movements in any of the three difficulty levels.

Freecell Solitaire!! is another form of the popular card game that offers its own challenges while remaining as simple as its alternatives. Free Cell provides the same fun as any other form of solitaire.

A classic card game

Free Spider Solitaire is a great game to play in passing or if you’re looking for an easy game to play while testing your logical abilities. The game has been a classic since it was introduced to computers with the Windows Operating System.

There are no major updates released recently as the base game does not need any change or adjustment since it comes from the physical card game. The game will run on almost any computer and does not have high requirements.

Play exciting card game with multiple levels.

A game of spider solitaire can take stress of the mind in the middle of a busy day. It can even be cultivated as a habit and with numerous games in the offing, users can make the most of this cards game. In order to carry it on portable devices and mobile phones, it is best to download the Free Spider Solitaire. It is software which is ideal for users who are on the move and like playing the game once in a while.

This software is easy to use, nice user interface, includes all the options you would use and the best part of all this is completely free. While installing this software you will find the installation process very simple and above standard in terms of program installers. Another perk to this company is there attentive support.


  • Available on multiple devices
  • Free to play and download
  • Easy to learn


  • Repetitive
  • Lacks the feeling of real cards

Also available in other platforms

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Free Spider Solitaire for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 3.8

  • Security Status

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